A Slice Of Normality Before The Evictions

Article by Netty Miles, 23/10/2016

It seems to be getting colder every night in the Jungle and huge downpours of rain only add to the problems of living there.

It’s not a pleasant task to try to cook over an open fire in northern France in late October but thousands in the camp do just that every day.

On Friday night we gave one group of young men a little respite by taking them into town for a pizza.

The thought of popping out for a pizza is quite ordinary to you and I and it wasn’t until we were approaching Pizza Hut that I saw the uncertainty on the faces of our refugee friends.

It’s been a long time since any of them have been able to do anything as normal as this – life in the Jungle is dehumanising and I felt shame that my equal human beings didn’t feel confident about doing this simple thing.

However once the steaming hot pizza boxes were delivered to our tables (we were allowed to sit in with our takeaways) all previous misgivings fell away and soon our stomachs were getting very full indeed.

The treat of chicken on a pizza was particularly enjoyed and there was enough to take home to the guys’ shelters so that they won’t have to cook tomorrow either.