RefugeeAid & UKActionForRefugees despatch aid to Greece

RefugeeAid has been working with UKActionForRefugees, who have collected, sorted and packed an artic lorry full of various aid supplies.

On Tuesday 7th Dec, we jointly despatched 25 large size pallets to the Greek islands of Leros, Samos, Chios and Lesvos.

The goods included wetsuits for the volunteer sea rescue operations, medical supplies, warm clothes/hats/socks, protein bars for refugees and to keep the volunteer lifeguards going, sleeping bags, tents and more. Some of the pallets were goods collected by North Devon Refugee Solidarity (2 pallets to Samos, 1 to Leros) and One Outfit One Child (to Leros).

UKAFR drove 2,500 miles in a week to collect all the items together, which was kindly stored by Dennis Oates, who also assisted with the despatch. Facebook group, Help for Refugees – West Penwith, provided 100 volunteers, who spent a whole day sorting and packing.

Nina Coulson, head of UKAFR, organised the transport, and our Bulgarian driver was a real trooper, who along with Dennis Oates’ forklift operator, performed the lading with care and efficiency.

The joint operation utilised funds raised by UKAFR and RefugeeAid, expertise from Dennis Oates, UKActionForRefugees and RefugeeAid, and donations of supplies from the people of the South West.

RefugeeAid has been looking at the refugee frontline in Greece, donating a portion of funds raised at the recent auction to Rachel Emec, who’s team is continuing to save lives in Turkey, Macedonia and Greece. This shipment is the next logical step in supporting the ground operations further afield.

RefugeeAid is continuing to work alongside UKAFR, as there are still more items accumulating that did not fit onto this shipment.

Please check out their website at and follow the ongoing story here.

There will be a video piece posted shortly on our new YouTube channel with more info…

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