Hope & Opportunity For The Lucky Few

Article by Netty Miles, 23/10/2016

Ghadir, 25, came to the Jungle in the spring of 2016, escaping the Taliban’s excesses in Afghanistan and hoping for a life in Europe where he was free to learn and work.

With a qualification in electrical engineering he has valuable skills to contribute but life in the Jungle has been oppressive and difficult for him.

Around a month ago he was invited to a scheme being run by Lille University where he will learn French for a year before going on to specialise in his subject, which will equip him for work.

To support him in his new life, he is being placed in Lille with a couple who have offered a place in their home and family to a refugee.

They will all have a trial period of one month after which, if everyone is happy, a period of nine months will follow with Ghadir living with his new family. The connection will not end there as the families in the scheme hope to ‘adopt’ their adult friends permanently so the bonds will remain throughout Ghadir’s life.

Ghadir gets on a bus tomorrow morning to start his new life and meet his French family for the first time. We wish him bonne voyage and lots of hope for the future.