Kit2Calais mission is over but the work is not done.

The trailer and truck filled with Refugee Aid donations arrived late in the night and the guys where feeling apprehensive about what to expect the next day.

Tamzin reassured them “all would be well” and there was no reason to feel concerned about visiting the jungle the for a walk around and even some lunch at the ‘Three Idiots Cafe’, where they make the best samosas, I have ever tasted.

It is difficult to explain what the community on the refugee camp is like. Many people are making a living and working hard to get out of the camp over the longer term. Many of the refugees recover from their journey and become ever more determined to get to England than when they set out from Iraq, Iran , Sudan and now Syria.

A myth has developed around the idea of being in England that is as large as the myth that all refugees are terrorists or cheating to get refugee status. Every person I speak to, has said “take me with you, back to England” and I ask why and they just say “becasue its better there” or “I can work” or “I will join my family and everything will be ok”.

It’s a little sad to know that the land of milk and honey that is keeping their dream alive will never live up to their expectations, if they ever get there.

Next morning the team headed over to the warehouse. It was a relief to see the items coming out sorted and in bags with clear labels. Most of the haul could go straight out for distribution, with only the clothes heading to the mountain.

Viv from West Cornwall Removals unhitched the truck and loaded it with tents, ready to go straight to new arrivals. Tamzin said “It makes me feel proud to know the people of Cornwall, had helped this aid reach the people who need it” Several really big and useful tents came out and we knew these would be most welcome for families who had nothing.

Team spirit was high, as they embarked back to England with the reporter from the Cornishman keen to get home and report what she had found.

This leg of the mission is now complete with Kit2Calais a resounding success. Refugee Aid is sending out another huge thanks to those who helped with their donations, space and time.

The next stage for Refugee Aid will unfold over the coming weeks and months with fundraising events and the amazing ‘Pond Life’ gig.




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