RefugeeAid raises £18,000 for four different organisations!

We have had a very busy and very successful month, with our first Calais run, art auction, gig and first shipment to the Greek islands.

Our first Calais run took a full 2 tonne trailer of supplies and our volunteers got stuck in with various tasks, learning a lot in the process. Our group helped build a distribution centre, sort goods in the warehouse, went out on distribution runs and worked alongside the new arrivals team to sort and distribute new arrival supplies.

The auction raised a staggering £13,400 which has been split three-ways to Medecins Sans Frontieres, Rachel Emec who has a team saving lives in Kos, and ourselves.

The Pondlife re-union gig raised £4,400 and the roof at The Ritz, being split between Medecins Sans Frontieres, ShelterBox and ourselves.

Mike Conboye from Boilerhouse singers and Anna Murphy from Kneehigh Theatre also invited us to run a raffle at their event at the Acorn Theatre, raising £220.

And on Tuesday, our partnership with UK Action For Refugees despatched a full artic lorry of various supplies to the Greek islands.

We would like to thank everyone involved with these major logistical challenges, and especially to those who gave money and items and made the events so successful and fun.

We are going into December with a new fundraising campaign, there is still loads to do, the money raised so far is already being converted to action on the ground and shipments of supplies.

To help us continue our work, please donate at GoGetFunding


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