The mission is on as we embark for Calais

The ferry looms over us as we wait in-line to embark for Calais. It has been an experience, with the van being loaded early this morning with vital equipment, warm clothes and waterproofs.

The van is heading our way tomorrow and we can now tell the driver he needs to arrive well in advance, because the freight line to embark, trails for over a mile around the port.

Tamzin, Marcus and myself have embarked after being grilled by the port police who insisted on speaking to us. They suggested  we  should take care and not go into the jungle. They where polite and seemed genuinely concerned for our well being so no complaints there.

Still a very sobering thought, as one policeman explained that some ‘supposed’ refugees, might  not be fleeing from the terror of war but who might be looking to create opportunities to bring acts of terrorism into the UK and may force people to do things they do not want to.

The reality of the situation is beginning to dawn on us as we become a little sober, knowing the scenes ahead may have an impact on our lives, in ways we are yet to understand.

The idea of these families and children living in hellish conditions still burns across our memory and we know that the we can come home on Tuesday. The people we are yet to meet, do not have that option, they have no home!

Refugee Aid would like to thank all of the people who made this mission possible by donating, sharing and those who have given there time, space and had such a good attitude to help these people who are suffering beyond anything we can imagine.

As a priority, Refugee Aid are still asking for cash donations via our just giving page: .

Your donation will contribute directly to the costs of the initial mission to Calais.

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